Ball Python FAQ

-We suggest offering an appropriate size meal once a week for proper growth and health.

-In our experience there is no difference. Ball Pythons are naturally docile snakes. Most people prefer frozen thawed due to the convenience or lack of access to live prey.

-That is up to you. We’ve heard before that feeding in a separate cage would have the snake differentiate your hand to prey in order to reduce the chances of getting bit when reaching into a cage, but we don’t agree with that. The best sense a snake has is its smell. If it doesn’t smell any food around, it will not mistakenly think your hand is food. The advantage of feeding in a separate cage is that if the snake doesn’t feed, the rodent wouldn’t make a mess in the actual cage. The disadvantage is the snake can be distracted by the new surroundings and would be more focus on exploring than feeding.

-You should wait about 2-3 days to let the snake properly digest its food before handling.

-The simplest way we can explain this is that a co-dominant trait can be passed down to 50% of its offsprings and has super form (100% of offsprings from super shows the co-dominant trait) while a dominant trait is a genetic trait that can be only passed down to 50% of its offsprings with no super form.

-No. Albino is a simple recessive trait. To produce a visual simple recessive morph both parents need to carry the trait. Either parent must be a visual albino or both must carry the albino gene (Het albino). Other morphs that are simple recessive are pied, genetic stripe, axanthic, clown….

We start pairing our Ball Pythons in December until May.

-We incubate our Ball Python eggs at 87-89f. Perlite is the incubation medium that we use.

If there are any other questions you might have please let us know and we will add on to this list. [email protected]